Lumberian Records


Published 2020-12-28

Has large amount of forests. Is home to a large population of wood elves. Has a large hunter/gatherer community which provides alchemical ingredients for mages throughout the North.

The so-called kingdom is not as much of a kingdom as the other ones. The land is ruled loosely by a Council, which only is called upon when great decisions must be made. Of course, this council has a leader, which would be the closest to a king. Otherwise, people are separated into clans and tribes, living off the woods, among them many elven clans. Voërlos is the place where elves are most integrated into society.

Voërlos has few cities, and the population is mostly scattered throughout the land. Some cities remain from the time the land was an actual kingdom, and some of these areas are still more densely populated. Since Voërlos lost its true king and reformed into what it is today, people among the other Northern Kingdoms have seen it as “decay”, and Voërlos is mostly left to itself.

Largest exports: Timber, venison, alchemical ingredients, wool.

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