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Lore: Rathagor's invasion of the land of the elves

Published 2020-12-28

Rathagor's invasion of the land of the elves

By Hjald Edeluch

Temple of Ëilon

After the birth of the elven race, Alkano’s sons travelled to their lands to help the young folk in their first conquests to establish a society. Rathagor wanted to corrupt the elves so that he could use them for his evildoings. He gathered his strongest men and had great ships made for him. His smiths created swords and bows and armour of great strength with metal from the earth which was twisted by evil. They set sail from Aëllé and sailed for countless days and nights until they set shore on the land of the elves. From here their troop spread fear and destruction wherever they went. They attacked the greatest city of the elves, but met resistance from the elves there. They were assisted by the sons of Alkano and their army, and the battle was great and bloody. In the end, Rathagor had to face defeat and fled, but the Alkano-sons were not satisfied with his defeat. With the might of Aëllé they chased him south and off the continent, to the land where men would be birthed in years to come. When they saw him leave the elves’ land, they ceased the chase and built great towers and fortresses on the south coast to protect from attacks.

In the great lands of wilderness, far from the elves, Rathagor rested and regained his strength. He knew that none of the people of his clan still in Aiónia were loyal to him, and all his people had joined him on his campaign. Only a small part of his soldiers and counsellors remained alive after the battle and the chase. Now he was no longer fuelled by desire for corruption and chaos – but hate. He planned to enslave the elven people and bestow fear and suffering upon their people and destruction upon their land, only after he had executed the sons of Alkano. At this time, he started to build his fortress in the mountains of the land called Moragyn. This was an evil creation and spewed vile smokes and flames and corrupted the land around it. It was from here he built his new army, now with greater strength and power. His ambitions were no longer simple wrongdoings but hate-fuelled war.

For long Rathagor remained unseen to the elves and their land was filled with peace. Some campaigns were led by the Alkano-sons and their allies to the wilderness beyond the island-filled seas between the lands. Here they fought smaller battles against Rathagors soldiers and returned to the elves like victors. Meanwhile the real threat didn’t reveal itself, and only grew in the mountains in the north. Finally Rathagor revealed all his evil and wrath and stormed into the elven lands. His new and strong army overwhelmed both the elves and the Aiónians, and they were forced to flee from their beautiful city. Many battles were fought, and much blood was spilled during this great war. Rathagors strength seemed unending and the Alkano-sons were forced to travel from the lands and to Aiónia to ask their old clan-mates for help. Those able and willing followed them back beyond the sea. Here they were able to once again drive Rathagor away from their lands and into the wilderness, but the Alkano-sons would not do the same mistake they did once before…

Some of their clan-mates saw their deed as done and returned to their own lands, although many stayed to fight Rathagor once and for all, realising the extent of his evil power. The company travelled deep into the untamed wilderness and found Rathagors fortress far into the north. Here they were met with an army, at least the size and strength of what they had met before. Here Rathagor had the help of otherwise untamed beasts that would not follow his campaign, and dragons and other foul beings attacked the elven armies. The company fought bravely, but their struggle seemed futile – Rathagors wrath was endless. Then the Alkano-sons called upon their father, who was ascended and begged for his aid. Alkano heard their pleads and stepped into the mortal realm. All the mortals were blinded by his presence, and ceased fighting, but Rathagor was the only one capable of standing the sight. His blood was the same as Alkanos, being the son of Soroth. The duel that followed was long and fearsome, but in the end Rathagor could not defeat the power of the King of Gods. When Alkano had struck him down he would not kill him. “He will meet his sentence at the end of time – and I will not destroy him. Bury his body and secure the world from his wrath until the time of judgement comes,” Alkano told his sons. They did as he said and sealed Rathagor’s body in a tomb underneath his fortress and tear down his walls over him. There he lied until the events of the third age, and the Alkano-sons returned to their own land. From that time the elves lived in peace and their land prospered.

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