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Lore: Notes about the cosmos

Published 2020-12-28

Notes about the cosmos

In the beginning there was nothing, but simultaneously there were everything. The singularity of everything existed and had always existed. This was Aellë. This entity was everything that could be, both good and evil, light and dark, order and chaos. Because of this there could be no interplay, and everything was stasis. This led to Aellë’s decision, to divide, to split itself and thus give birth to the dynamic world. The singularity became two forces: Lygs and Cálig. Lygs represented order and light, while Cálig represented chaos and darkness. These two would be each other’s counterparts who would fight and battle for all time but would also be the other’s necessity. If they were not separate, they would cease to exist and become stasis again. From Lygs and Cálig everything else was born.

In the age of Lygs and Cálig the cosmos was empty. They fought and made love, and together they birthed the first beings. They had seven children together, known as the “panati”. Like any children each one inherited different aspects of their parents. The first born was Alkano, and he resembled Lygs the most. He became the ruler of light and justice. As the first born, Alkano inherited the right to rule when Aellë would retire (the panati are known as children of Aellë – and not intuitively as children of Lygs and Cálig).

  • The seven children of Aellë creates the world and puts parts of themselves into it
  • Their panati create clans and the four clans are established
    • The seven children are the leader clan, Alkano’s sons form the clan who shall create the elves, Soroth’s sons form the clan who shall create the men and Rathagor forms the fourth clan who is basically evil.
  • After the creation of the world Alkano strikes the earth with his staff and thus begins time. This causes the continents to break apart leaving an island where the clans live.
  • At the same time, the seven panati become gods which represent forces of nature and ceases their physical form leaving only three clans. This marks the beginning of the first age.
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