Lumberian Records

Lore: The Claim of Naüliz

Published 2020-06-18

The Claim of Naüliz

By Prof. Uelf Gaedon

University of Bodn

The third empire of Naüliz, ruled by the Zahlraan dynasty is on the move. While the first and second empire of Naüliz mostly warred with the neighbouring Oqquru and Xaxorr realms, after the subjugation of the Xaxorrs, the emperor now has his eyes fixed on the north. One might ask if this hunger for conquest is merely for the sake of power, but the motivations of the emperor presumably runs a bit deeper.

Religiously, the Heartland and the Northern realms has been followers of the aiónian religion. This, of course, is closely connected to the elvish influence. While some of the Northern realms follow a more elven-detached branch of this faith, most of the Heartlanders share the same faith as the elves. The high priest of Ëilon serves as the head of faith for most of these realms, and has most notably been the target of alliances to grant legitimacy to the Heartland empires. More importantly, the high priest continues to grant the elvish king of Rëastraldor the title of Alussyn, taking the name of the first king of the elves and son of the god Alkano.

The emperor of Naüliz is not a follower of the aiónian faith, but rather is intent on establishing himself as a living god. Building upon ancient pagan faiths, his predecessors has worked on reforming the religion around the Estrallian sea, culminating in the Naülizian emperor's ascension to godhood. This sentiment is weakened by the existence of Ëlion and Rëastraldor, and the aiónian faith as a whole. Therefore, the ultimate goal of Naüliz seems to be to conquer and dominate the elven realms, taking the human kingdoms in its path with it. Likely, the Naüliz invasion will not stop until the emperor controls Rëastraldor and has removed its king. Only then will the emperor be able to secure himself as the undisputed religious and secular leader of the civilized Lumberia.

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